Reminders for Self-help101

Kaira was a little bee who always seemed to find fault with herself. No matter how hard she tried, she never felt good enough. She was constantly comparing herself to other bees and coming up short.

One day, Kaira was out collecting pollen when she ran into her friend Kevin. Kevin was a happy-go-lucky bee who always seemed to be in a good mood.

“Hey Kaira, what’s up?” Kevin asked, noticing that Kaira seemed a bit down.

Kaira sighed. “I don’t know, Kevin. I just feel like I’m not a very good enough. I’m always making mistakes and messing things up. I will never be good like other bees, who woks so effortlessly. I will never be apprised or appreciated by others.”

Kevin listened carefully, and then he suggested something that would change Kaira’s life forever.

“Kaira, have you ever heard of positive affirmations?” Kevin asked.

Kaira shook her head. She had no idea what he was talking about.

“Positive affirmations are like little sayings that you can repeat to yourself when you’re feeling down. They can help you feel more confident and positive,” Kevin explained.

Kaira was curious. She asked Kevin for an example.

“Okay, here’s one: ‘I am a good bee, and I am doing my best,’” Kevin said.

Kaira repeated the affirmation to herself. It felt strange at first, but after a few times, she started to feel a little better.

“Wow, that actually works,” Kaira said, surprised.

Kevin smiled. “It sure does. And there are so many other positive affirmations you can use. You could say, ‘I am strong and capable,’ or ‘I am unique and special.’”

Kaira was excited to try out more positive affirmations. She started using them every day, and before she knew it, she was feeling much more confident and positive.

She stopped comparing herself to the other bees and started to appreciate her own unique strengths. She began to fly faster and collect more pollen, and the other bees in the hive started to take notice.

“Kaira, you’re doing great!” they would say. “You’re such a good bee!”

Kaira felt proud of herself. She realized that she had been holding herself back with her negative thoughts, and that by changing her thinking, she could accomplish anything she set her mind to.

Thanks to Kevin’s suggestion, Kaira had learned the power of positive affirmations. She felt happier and more fulfilled than ever before. And whenever she started to doubt herself, she would remind herself of one of her favorite affirmations: “I am a good bee, and I am doing my best.”

She learned a valuable lesson for life that the power of positive affirmations and a little change in thinking could bring big results. She had gone from a pessimistic and self-critical bee to a confident and hardworking one, all by simply changing her mindset. If Kaira can, even we can do it and make our lives better just by taking a small steps and changing our mindset.

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