The Treasured Gift Called “Friendship”

Even if we try our best, sometimes words fall apart to express exact feeling that we want to convey. Unlike the side of coins and facts, relationships are quite tricky, finicky and prickly sometimes. It’s true that we expect a lot and put a wholesome trust on the person we are too close to. But what if there is a betrayal and what if we can’t meet the expectations of the other person. It’s very rare and few in the minimal coincidence category to meet a person who is exactly your type and your kind. I was lucky enough to be that one person from the minimalist crowd. I met my mirrored soul during my early childhood days. We have been closely associated with each other since our kindergarten. Still I feel that our meeting was bit delayed and wish that I had met that person even before than what destiny had planned for us. Growing up seemed an easy task along with her and I could be true to myself while all these years. It is so rightly said that best friends are the family we choose for ourselves. They might not be blood related but neither less than your own siblings. Infact, the bond I share with my bestie is a way more deep and beyond my expression of words, that can justify how powerful it is. Having a best friend by your side no matter what stages of life we are going through is a true blessing in itself. Best friends are the real anchors that holds you so profoundly and well that we can stand strong and fight well in the battles of life.  I believe we too should hold on to that person who is the epitome of our happiness and do everything that is in our limit to keep and make that person happy always.  There had been many seasons that we had grown and watched together.  We even had our own fights and followed by sorry trails. But we have never left each other’s side. Now that we are grown up individual who seemed to be quite busy with our individual lives, regular meetings are rare possibility. We live in different time zones and have our own struggles of lives. But, there isn’t a single day missed when I haven’t been reminisced about our bond. Still we write each other mails and have lot of chats, video calls but I miss the essence of being together and walking down on the walks of lives like we did when we were kids without responsibilities. My only wish for this friendship day is that we can be together on each other’s birthday. I really wish we could see each other personally and party harder like no other day. Hey! Please do remember, be happy, health and safe wherever you are and always remember I miss you and would also be at your side my dearest and only soul friend. 

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