A word, a noun and a state of mind a person experiences when that person is happy. Have we ever wondered why happiness matters to us? Why being happy can be a goal of one’s life.  For some it’s a simple choice and for other it’s a battle day in and out just to smell the happiness around. I wish we all could experience the aroma of happiness and walk along together in the daily battles called living our lives. We human being are more of a social animal than a mere beings gifted with brain. We depend more on feelings and emotions compared to any other beings. Thus, a simple word called happiness is more important to us, to feel our feelings, drives and emotions that we experience while living even the most nomadic life. Our soul is a constant energy absorber and craves for energies that makes it feel delight. It means a notion called being the happiest person alive.

But, how difficult it is to be happy? To walk down on the road that leads to our happiness. A search towards a journey, that leads us to happiness. For every individual the term happiness differs.  It can be morning dew for one person, for other it may be walk on the wet grass barefoot. For some it may be long drives, for others it may be listening to song or even dance. For some it may be reading and for others it may be writing. For some it may be baby laugh and for some it may be meeting a long lost friend. For some it is a nature for some it’s an adventure. We all define happiness in forms and the way we feel it while experiencing it. Our encounter with our experiences makes the difference. But there is no denying in the fact that we all crave for happiness. Even though we crave for happiness but we aren’t sure what makes us truly happy. How far are we ready to go to endure our happiness? How long are we gonna hold it? We can feel it in fraction of seconds and as soon as that moment goes, it leaves its traces and memories called past. But is it that difficult to be happy and experience happiness in our lives. After all it’s a choice that decides. Are we really prepared for it? Do we really want to be happy and cherish happiness or it’s the craving that we love that brings us near to happiness. Happiness can be achieved and endured for long if we have strongly determined the path that can bring happiness in our lives and not at the cost of temporal happiness leaving the deep rooted guilt for long run. True happiness is all about sharing joy and creating laughter bubbles that brings warmth and care. Happiness which is so positive, that it shines much brighter even in the darkest sphere and enlighten everyone that’s near and dear. But are we ready for this happiness?

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