A Story

The one we had already lived and the one we want to live. It isn’t that hard to know a person once we have known their stories. The stories that they have shared with the world and certain that they have confined from the world. Sometimes all we want is an ear that’s ready to hear. As we all long for attention of a person and we want them to understand and feel. We want them to acknowledge the emotion that we are going through.

It’s a human nature that craves for socialism and acceptance of being. Though stories aren’t the only decipher of one’s character but still speaks a lot about the character. The stories that have been build upon number of years and as we age through the number of experiences we had while we were creating one. While hearing the one we may either get connected or disconnected to it. The choice that we make depends on what we are ready to perceive. Most of the times, we treat the past better than our present and that is the reason why we have the sad stories.  Sometimes we also fall under a trap of overwhelming futuristic stories. But the best are the once that are created in the present. The one lived while living and not mere by dreaming or regretting.  

Life keeps on changing and stories keeps getting challenging. The more we ponder and wonder in between our lives internal, the more stories await us to be explore and explode.  The best of our stories brings us emotions like joy, happiness, laughter and even warmth. The worst ones bring sadness, regrets, tears, anger and emptiness. But, there also exist stories that are secretive, forbidden, untold and unexpressed. Whereas, some are found with emotions of pride, honour, dignity and determination. How are our stories different from the others? What does our story convey? Are they happy stories or sad ones? Are we all ready to share them along with others? Are we ready to unfold the untold? What are the pinnacles of our stories? Are we yet creating and writing one or we have already created one that will leave a legacy behind.

Believe it or not but the world is waiting for our stories, to be created, heard, explored and cherished. With every ticking clock and the passing time, you, me and all of us are creating our stories. From which few would be known to the dear and close ones and the others would be open to all. Some of it may be loved; acknowledged and even respected, others may be hated, angered and disliked. But what impact it would bring to us? We are the writers of our destiny they say, but are we the good writers or the bad ones? How and who would judge us for the stories that we write and narrate? Does this all counts, if it is just a story and a story teller?

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