Self Love

The most pure form of love is called self love. But it isn’t as easy as it is seemed to be. It gets easily mangled if not paid attention to the relatively of love that’s flowing for self. It’s easy to get trap and regret it, if not controlled. People may also term it as selfish love instead of pure love. The ambiguity in it makes it difficult for people to understand it more clearly and relate to it deeply.

However the most happy is the person who have been in self love and is currently in self love. Doesn’t it make sense to love self before showering it to others?  As the one who doesn’t love themselves, can they really love others?  What we can’t share with us can never be shared with others. Sometimes we are so busy in finding love in others and receiving it from others that we have forgotten how to be self appreciated and love ourselves more dearly. These days it’s common for us to go through stressful relationship just to be the person of other’s dream and desire. But, are we loyal to self, by being that someone else?

They say once you fall in love for self, you don’t need others to reassure the love essence. But, I feel self love teaches us to be more grateful, more lovable, more loyal and even more understandable. The essence of self love to me, is that you don’t give others the option to hurt yourself, rather you would be strong and share your proportionate love to them. No matter how we look, what we like and what we do or can do, acceptance of self is more important than expecting others acceptance. We all deserve to be loved but self love is a must. Embracing self is the first sign of acceptance that we show towards us and respect the way we are. That makes us really strong and confident. We all have our weakness and strength, but the true power comes from being self rather than being an imposter of other’s wish. We can be other’s world and sphere and someone else can be ours, but we should never forget that it all starts with us.

We all need that portion of love that is totally reserved for us. Our pillar to fight every odd that we face, when we get judged, rejected, offended and even discouraged to pursue a dream that we believe in and want to achieve for ourselves. The act of self love can be called selfish but the person isn’t selfish as they are more concerned and care for other feelings. Even the selfless love does things to be loved and satisfy the urge of happiness by giving love. Isn’t that a selfish thing too, to do something that gives you happiness and joy?

It is simple and yet powerful lines about Self love-

“Loving self isn’t a crime,

They asked me why?

And I can do was to reply

It’s me who needs to live my life.”

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