It is said that, to see a miracle, you need to believe in one. But what if the person is a non-believer? Does that mean, the non-believer will never be able to see a miracle? Every person whether they are a believer or not, but they may all have experienced a miracle in their life. The difference lies only in the acknowledgement of it. Some may accept it wholeheartedly and some make deny it knowingly.

We all have that kid in us who wants to believe in it no matter what our age is. When we feel hopeless, dishearten, and see no way for our recovery all we do is to hope for a miracle that can change everything for us. We wish we could either change the happening or change the occurrence as per our desire. When we lose hope, we crave for a rope that can bring us back our hopes. A hope to see the sunrise in the darkest time. We want to believe in every story that tells us about the miraculous thing that have happened back then. We wish to see that miracle happening now, in the present and working for us. Sometimes we even misjudge it with our six sense calling or a power of be intuitive. But the one who has seen the real miracles will never be mistaken by it.

Our stories can be as miraculous as the ugly worm being turn into a beautiful butterfly. Miracles gets created by a beating heart and a soul that is curious to solve the miraculous universe. Its a phase where the logical reasoning and science give up easily.

Suddenly visiting a temple and wishing over something, and the next moment you know is that your wish is a reality. Then yes, it is a miracle. Sometimes we may feel our prayers are not been heard, but the fact is our every prayers is delivered and is being heard. God just knows when it is the right time for you to have that prayer answered.

Especially in India people are very firm believers of miracles and have been witnessing many such miracles. As we are all celebrating the Ganesha Festival here in India, our recent encounter was the Lord Ganesha eyes drooping tears of happiness. Nobody could make out any reason or sense to it when suddenly the earthen idol eyes started dropping watery substance and it may be for smallest of hour, yet we did experience it. Same way we did experience that wishing over Mushakji ears the Lord Ganesha did fulfill peoples wish and people do visit the place with strong believe every year to express their gratitude and even ask Lord Ganesha for fulfilling their wishes. We have been hearing many stories these days of the people who have encounters such miracles and it’s a strange feeling to experience the wholesome experience of such miracles. I believe that we all wish for such miracles to happen in our lives. We all want to see our wishes being answered, don’t we?

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