Morning Bliss

The first rays of the sun peeping through skies

When our eyes met, I felt and then I melt.

In the moment of this bliss

My heart feels at a peace.

A denial to move

And thus, I shall surrender

To this beauty of the nature

That captures my soul.

The perfect blend of colours and the hopes,

Makes me remember, even I shall evolve.

After the darkest skies breaks the dawn,

I shall not be afraid to face the storm.

As I see the two sun rising today,

The one in front of me

And the other within me.

Morning brings the courage that I shall preserve

To achieve all the things that I deserve.

Even the morning view hits different to a different person given a different situation. The morning lover gets engross in the beauty of the colors spread across the horizons of sunrise and on other hand, the late boomers get their well-deserved sleep.  What makes the morning sunrise so special for the early boomers lies in their imagination and beauty of creative eye.

If you ask me, what I love about morning? Then the answer is HOPE! With every morning there comes hope to create better present and better version of self. It’s a blessing to know we can see tomorrow morning and it’s a really bliss to see it, feel its energy penetrating in our body and reaching our soul. The courage to beat the odd and see through the dark. A ray of hope to lit the brighter sphere of dreams. A true boost of perseverance and removal of the fears of darkness. Thus, starting a day with witnessing morning sunshine makes our day brighter and hopeful. An opportunity to live a day, making it your way and creating a wonderful gift called life. No one wants to live in past, and having said that I know we all wish to see what awaits next for us. Its indeed a hope to see the next day awaits for me, to create it more utilized and reach out for things I want to achieve yet. It’s indeed a recovery of the mind, body and soul. After the dark night, I meet my brighter side. Its sends a constant reminder of no matter how worst it could go, still there would be a morning sunshine, a brighter sphere filled with light and divine things would await for you on the other side.

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