BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan), between the vast skies and the nurturing earth, there lays a magical world. BTS makes this magical world come alive. I wish I could write a single and particular reasons but the facts remains that there are innumerable reasons that justify, BTS?? WHY??? They are the creators of the brightest sphere, were every BANGTAN resides. Their magical aura spreads smiles across miles.  For me it’s beyond these smiles there is a story that waits for you, to help and support you to walk on even hardest of miles. A story about seven mates their journey, their struggles and their victories. They say every story and its character creates different impact on the readers. It’s more relevant if you have witness the story on your own, as it is also a tough reality. Success isn’t an easy cake that you get and share. It’s always about your hard work and perseverance that provides its share. When it comes to BTS, there is no denying in this fact.

A normal Korean band,

Whose vision implanted the change.

Change for a better tomorrow,

Change to see a brighter side,

For every life is worth to be alive.

Their struggles and hardships remind us all

That nothing in this world comes at no cost

Their fighting spirit teach us all,

Never to give up that you dreamt for so long.

As dreams never dies or disappears,

Until you kill it with your own sword.

Their every song has depth in it

Their work delights every being.

People say BTS are powerful

But they say power comes from within you

They are always humble, kind and so grounded

As they never forget the roots of their journey, they had planted

They are the shining stars I wish to see daily in my life

Each one has its importance and they are the glory of my pride.

BTS have enlightened many lives and have encouraged them to have a worthy life. If you ever get time to revisit any of the ARMY stories or Fandom tales, do take your time and indulge yourself. It’s not the normal fandom game, where fans gather and chants for their favorites. It is the respect that they share and shed. It’s an honor to be the part of such plays. Their works speak a million things about the goodwill they have. Its isn’t everyone’s cup of tea to be held responsible and accountable for heavy duties, and their presence for campaign  as save a life- United Nations Headquarters and for Denounce Anti- Asian Hate crimes at White house speaks a million words about the ACE in the game. Even their recent participation for Busan World Expo 2030 is also perfect example of gratitude towards your country. It is called aiding the nation, putting your contributive efforts to make it stronger and more representative in front of the other nations.

I have personally experience it, when I needed to fight the darkest odds in my life, BTS has always been my brightest sphere and have helped me to fight the odds. They have provided me a lot of encouragement to see my self-worth and there is nothing wrong to put yourself first or love yourself the most. Their 1st and 2nd chapters has been a great impact and been a great inspiration for all the ARMYS across the globe. They have inspired and aspire many lives and have changed the way worthy life had a meaning before. Their every song and its lyrics hits differently when hear them with understanding and proper listening. Their songs have been my epitome of happiness and reliving stress and depression. Every song carries a wonderful message to see and feel beyond. BTS is just not any K-POP band it’s an armor that protects you while you combat and fight with all your fears. It’s a great feeling to see ourselves loved so much by all seven of them. An enduring bond that shall never break between THE BTS and THE ARMYS.  We shall walk and work together for our best moment that is YET TO COME.  방탄소년단 사랑해(Saranghae BTS). “보라해” 또는(I Purple You)

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