Broken Beauty

Broken dreams and shattered me

Still hopes to see

The dreams of realm

Where I shall rule

A world that isn’t cruel

And I am no longer a fool

The one who easily gives up on dreams

All for the others’ sake

I shall fake and then break

But now, no more

I shall not bore

The burden of sores

I shall win all my fights

All the fears of darkest night

And I shall be the bravest knight

To build a town that has no fear

Love flows there

And where I shall endure

The firmer I believe, the stronger I grow

I shall not let others dominate my innocent soul

The one that is free, and need not be tamed or even buried

I shall shine and glow

Even when the winds would blow

I would stand still and tall

No matter what the fate shall hold

I am no more a crowd who loses their hope

Shall not be the one that doesn’t dare to dream

I might be broken, but still bear a heart that firmly believes

Scattered pieces will create an Art, the whole world will see.

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    1. Namrata Arora

      Thank you.


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