Some EXTRA Miles

It hardly occurs to our mind that putting extra efforts from our end cannot assure and can neither bring the exact resultant output that we expect. It’s a fake trap of myth that going an extra miles can bring long lost smiles. I wish that principle could work out for everything. But, the fact is that doing extra would only drain our energies and will not change the resultant output. Especially when it comes to relationship, it doesn’t works at all. The flow seems smooth, if there is proper coordination between the demand and supply. The moment the flow gets hinder or stagnant at one place, it results into disaster. The life seems just like a overflowing glass of water, where the water ‘s extra effort of keeping the glass full results into over flowing water, the efforts are all wasted, as the glass no longer can hold the excess water that’s flowing.

Whenever we put ourselves at place of the water, we will come to a realization that we are not only wasting our efforts but also draining ourselves from within. Our every extra effort is a waste if the person on other end isn’t ready to accept what we are willing to give in. The price that we pay for doing the excess can be dangerous to our own self-esteem and respect. We are not only losing our self-respect but also the confidence for not able to control and limiting our resources to others needs. You must ask yourself a question for your own good: “What would my status be or position be after doing all the things in excess? Would it able to change anything? Will I get what I deserve?” The extra amount of love so poured and the extra amount of sacrifices so made, can it bring the happiness I deserve. I am very sure the answer would be as ambiguous as our choices, as we aren’t sure about those extra efforts we did can bring back to us anything.

It’s a high time

Let us not be blind

Open our eyes

What is in front of us

Let us not deny

An extra mile,

Won’t bring back a smile

Because what’s not yours

Will never be yours

It is better to accept than expect

Even giving your all, won’t bring anything at all

As neither one sided love, nor a relationship 

Can never ever ripe a fruit that’s taste sweet

At the end, it’s only you

That is hurting yourself, by not being true

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