Freedom in itself is very powerful word. If ever asked to choose between the golden cage and the open skies to fly free, what would you chose? The choices we make resemble the person or the way that human is made. Sometimes we all get catch between the spaces of ifs’ and buts’ in our life. The way in which we overcome them tells a lot about us. Like who we are, what we want and what are we doing for it. As a human, it’s so obvious that we crave for more and somehow we do become the slave trapped in our own desires and never-ending wants. But then there also comes a time when we want to break free and breath the air that doesn’t indulges us into any greed, guilt’s or regrets. How can we overcome such challenge? It’s hard and we sometimes need to surrender ourselves to our strong willed spirits that’s ready to adopt the change. The Change is our so-called “Freedom”. Letting ourselves free from the slave world of our needs which in turn can only bring greed and turns our life into a darkest sin. However, what a smoothing and pleasure it is to see ourselves free. The freedom from a slavery that’s there yet invisible. Lets break free together and free ourselves.

Here I am, 

Standing under the wide open skies,

And the sun is shining so bright

I can feel the sunlight

That penetrates within my skin

Now I feel so light

And all I could wish for, is to have a flight

Where my dreams don’t collide

Neither do they hide

My soul sparks and ignites

Now my wishes aren’t denied

Now I spread my wings and breath free from the air of sigh

And now I am ready to fly

Fly away from this Golden Cage

That’s has trapped my life

Now’s it’s the time

To break free and fly high.

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