The Sun and The Firefly

Once upon a time, a little firefly was resting on a flower bud, completing his sleep hours in the early dawn. Suddenly, he started feeling extreme heat and sweaty. He was surprised to see the Sun that was steadily look at him and showering the heat to the gentle little firefly. He stood up at once and with gathering all his courage, he asked Sun politely if there is a reason for showering him all this heat and if he has done anything to offend him unknowingly. Listening to this, the Sun got more furious and angry on the audacity of the little being asking him with such question. Yet he taught he should aware the little creature about his limit and break his supremacy of being a brighter creature. The sun told the firefly that he shall not be proud to illuminate light from his body, as even if he tries hard he could not beat the brightest star of the entire universe. The Sun also added that he can only illuminate during night and his light is of no use. Therefore, he shall not be proud of himself. The firefly patiently listened to what the Sun had to say and with utmost courtesy; he asked Sun to listen him once. The Sun agreed to his humble request out of his greatness. The firefly said that he is very well aware that the only brightest star that can illuminate the entire universe is the Sun. He is feeling honoured talking to such a great star. He is very well aware that other beings can only notice him during the nighttime when the sky is dark and the Sun has set. He doesn’t wish to take the place of the Sun that is so much full of responsibility and duty to brighter the orb of every living creature. He is happy being the little light bug whose world revolves around his own surrounding without being much responsible unlike the great Sun. Hearing to this the sun realized that he had been rude to the little one and had offended him unnecessarily by thinking that he is too proud of his little light. The firefly also added that we all need the Sun to brighten our life and live peacefully, but sometimes when the Sun sets and we need the light of hope that we would see the Sun back in the day after the passing of the so-called night, I remind them of you. I remind every being by lighting my small light that we all will see the sunlight. To this, the Sun couldn’t hold back his tears and felt sorry for what he did. He apologized to the firefly and told him that it would be his responsibility to be the hope binder and bring hope whenever there’s no light or the darkness resides. Both felt the gratuity towards each other and felt the eminence bond of forever hope that brings lights and enlightenment.

We all need the Sun and the firefly in our lives. Both have their own importance and place. Neither one can be replicate for the other one. I hope that everyone find the sun and the firefly in their life and can depend on them to find the light in their life. Here’s me wishing everyone the brightest life that can further enlighten million lives.

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