Yours Truly

Someone asked: What does it takes to be Yourself? 

I said: “Courage”.

Then, I was questioned again: What does it takes to be brave and courageous?

To this I answered: Just one thing, “Acceptance of Self”

Accepting oneself in true form, no matter what other thinks, believes in and confirms their opinions onto you, you just need to be yourself, embrace the purest and the true version of yourself. Be brave and be the person you really want to be with your skin and body, don’t fake it to make it up to other beings. As it won’t take you long way. If you do so, then hold yourself responsible for killing your pure soul. I call that a delayed decaying. So don’t be like that person who endures self killing, the one who loves to be guilty and repent for it for their entire life. Instead, be brave and have faith in self, the same way how you put faith on others. Because if you don’t love yourself don’t expect others to do that for you and to you. It’s a shame to be someone else that is residing in your body. Don’t make your body and soul disgust your existence. Just be you and be yours truly too. No matter how hard it seems but do not fail to try this atleast. You accept other people so easily and even go to further extent to make them happy. Why not give a try for things that makes you happy? Let your soul truly live its existence. Why force it to be someone else that it’s doesn’t wants to be. The true heroism comes from what we are and not from what others ask us to be. The more you give up on your true form, you actually give up to your life and your true reason for existence. If you really love to endure, then endure the truest and the real form of yourself. The way you are build and let soul reflect your true character. Let it be free, don’t cage it for someone else or just to be a ambiguous being. It doesn’t matter even if we live our lives for a “WHILE” but don’t ever live it with regrets and its “WHYS”.

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