Be Brave!

Most of the time we spend our energies thinking about how we are inferior and less in comparison to others and that inferiority complex keeps targeting our poor soul, feeling it with sadness and depression. The way we see ourselves make a huge difference in the way we feel. So to change the change the depressive feelings and being bold to acceptance of ourselves needs a little change in the ways we see ourselves and not giving up on ourselves. We can be the best version of ourselves, if we firmly believe in it and accept ourselves with courage to never give- up on our truest form.

Life can be just and it can be unjust

Don’t give up until you have trust

Far and further, you see, the harder it seems

But no world can be conquered until you dream

What’s yours will always be yours

No matter how far it be

When the time is right

All things will fall right

All you need is the little bit of faith

And you shall see

The whole world is waiting for your free willed spirit

Don’t be shy and hide in your fears

As you can defeat if you believe in

As your courage and your potentials

Are far beyond what others thinketh

It is you, who has the power to change

It is you, who must never be tamed

Allow yourself a freedom to be

The one you should always be

No matter how difficult the path may seem

But you must walk with grace and wings

As the journey is along

To be tired is not your fault

But giving up may bring regrets

That is why is better to try and fail

Rather than fail to try.

You will see the sunrise and the wise

Changed you will feel so nice

Never give up and see the bright side

That’s awaits for your mighty right

Being self isn’t a crime

Indulge yourself in your life

Be the story you want to hear

Rather than worrying what others care

The day shall arrive

The started journey shall reach it’s destine

You shall survive and must revive

For the next you deciding its new hike

Give yourself a little time and love

That you truly deserve and reserve for the next

For the time when you question yourself

Be assured you are enough for yourself

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