It is an early morning and people are still sleeping and dreaming. It’s a normal morning just like the other days but it seems that someone is not at a rest and something very interim is bothering him so much that he has awaken  early than normal. His constant tossing, turning, moving in and out of the room have started troubling his roommate. Now he is curious to ask his friend, what is the matter that has been troubling him lately? He wanted to help him out but he didn’t knew how he can be of any help to him. He went to his friend and asked him gently that what has been bothering him since past week that he couldn’t rest and have been in a mess ever since. To which his friend replied that it’s the target given by the God, that has put him under such  pressure that he couldn’t think of anything but only about the target and how could he achieve it possibly. Hearing to this other friend replied calmly, that being a cupid it’s the most easy task that one can ask for and so he shouldn’t feel the pressure of fulfilling it. In fact, it is the most satisfying one task in the world to spread love and make people fall in love. But, he couldn’t understand the stress and the pressure that was burdening his friend. The Cupid saw his friend and expressed his concern in low voice. He said that he is aware about his duties as a cupid and loves his job too, but unlike his friend, he isn’t good at letting go of the pressure for making someone fall for the wrong person. He thinks that it’s his responsibility to bring people near to each other and make them fall in love with each other that stays with them forever. He just couldn’t get out of the forever theme and that was the main stressing point which was stopping him to meet his target. His friend understood his concern and tried to sympathize with him. He told him that even it used to bother him some time ago. But, he sooner learn that certain things should also be placed on the matter of fate, luck and the hard work. As cupid, we are already helping people to find the love they want, but whether they want them for long run like forever or not it is their choice not ours. We can only help them by giving the love they require and help them feel happy about it. But the choice to make it a destiny still lays in the hand of people. This how we aren’t dominating them but helping them to find the love of their desire. Hearing to this the cupid realizes his strength, that the best he can do is to provide love that cherishes the relationship and people, but he couldn’t control what is destined. He has indeed learned an important lesson that day.

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