Little things do matter!

Sometimes, a few words spoken and a few actions taken can go long miles to make a person happy and intact. In fact, we forget to cherish the small things that we do and we feel sometimes when we are happy. Sometimes we take little things so granted that we have actually forgotten to cherish the importance of those little things responsible for our big happiness. We have all forgotten the very basic in greed to achieve more than enough that we all are competing in the never-ending competitions of our desires and wants. We have actually forgotten to value what these little things means to us and how they add up and even augment the value of our eternal happiness.

All we do is to crave and ask for those things that can provide us material happiness, forgetting that is the only temporal happiness. As the life expectancy of such happiness doesn’t stays for long period. Once achieved it will neither settle nor satisfy your thirst. It will eventually look for the other happiness, then the other, and its goes on and on. We have forgotten to value how much importance it was our first step we started our journey of walking on our feet. The very first step, our first step. A step towards seeing ourselves standing on our own feet and then moving gradually ahead. Nowadays, we are too busy walking and working that we have even forgotten how the rest feels like. Rest comes with extra burden and work overloading. Sometimes for some people the craving goes worst beyond the recovery and thus they are frustrated and sound so demotivated with their own lifestyle.

It’s high time we start valuing even the small efforts made to live a lively life rather than living a burden life. What are we going to take on our dead bed, if it is not the happy memories that are eternal and provides us the real peace that we might require after living our life to the fullest. The best practice that we can inculcate from the daily routine that is totally reserved for us, and doing reflection on our daily deeds and what exactly we did today to add on to our eternal happiness, where there is growth in our self consciousness and even in our awareness what exactly we want from our life. Bigger things happen in life if we start with the very basic first with help of certain smaller things. Our niche is our real playground to build better, beautiful and concrete things.  

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