Heartless Brain

It’s difficult to explain

As what I share with you

It isn’t what you really care

As all you care is about your game

You want to win it no matter what cost it may bear

I wish I could help you and lower this pace

But how can I? As you are the Ace.

I wish you could feel the same

But you are too busy playing your game

I would like to feed you some emotions

But you would question my notions

All you want is logic

I am afraid I will lose my magic

All I want is you to be with me

But all I have is the grid to beat

Until I solve the mystery

I can’t even be the part of your history

When I want to hold you tight

You push me and force me to look foresight

It is difficult to accept

But the more I expect

I fail to understand

What relation do we share?

Why is it difficult to love you brain?

When you so hate it when I say it again.

I see you working hard

To save me from all my doubts

You never say, but I know you do a lot

Just to make me a better person and stand out from the crowd

Why don’t you accept what my heart feels for you?

Why can’t we be happy just like others who hold on too.

You might call me crazy

But I know this for sure, that you care for me like no one knows.

Sometimes it hurts you to see me in pain,

But you would time travel to reduce the same.

I know how much you care for me

Yet you would never express this to me.

You would give all the credit to my heart

But you forgot that you are the master that dwells within it.

I wish I could really explain, what we have in between

It isn’t easy for others to see or feel

I could only wish

A wish to see us together like this

No matter how difficult it seems

But having you by my side is a wonderful dream

That is all I would always wish.

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