New Year

Everyone every year waits of this particular day and looks forward for celebrating it. A time scale that narrates the stories of every individual. The interesting combination and collaboration of the old and the new, it gets even better if there are chances of intersections where the past year imprints the memories and carrys forward its experiences and lessons that avoids its unacceptable occurrence in the coming, New Year.

No matter how wonderful and exceptional year we had, but we all still look forward to welcoming the New Year and even plan it well. What’s with the connotation of celebrating the year that’s gonna end somehow, someday and we would again be eagerly waiting to welcome the another year, every year. Its answer lies in the Greek story about Pandora Box, which states that even after releasing all the good and the bad things into the world, there was this little yet most important thing that was release to balance their ratio. That little yet powerful thing was Hope. The Hope that let us get going, pushes us to see the better, the motive to live and it’s the brightest star that guides our path when we are lost or the darkness arise. It is a tool to combat the bad and bring back the optimism that throbs the heart of everlasting good things.

It’s a celebration to see better things coming on our way. A celebration of the victory we achieved for going through the past year, learning our new lessons, carrying on with our old build experiences, moving forwarded with stronger version and expecting that the candle of hope will never vanish. No matter how bad or even the worst year we could have, but at the end, it is going to end. Therefore, we don’t lose hope, keep the momentum going until the end of the year, and eagerly wait for the New Year, the new beginnings and the disguised blessings. Where we all plan to break a habit and welcome the new habit. That’s the part of life, where we wish things to change for us. We wish to change ourselves, and see the better version of ourselves.  It doesn’t really matter who you are and where are you from or what have you done till this day in your life, but the moment you start taking control on your life, making some New Year Resolutions and following it until you make it, that will totally define the kind of human you are. Therefore, New Year isn’t merely another year, but is the adjective New that place the importance. What’s new that could be installed for you in the New Year? How are we going to make a difference in our life sphere or the others life all depends on how we cherish the past and the coming New Year. What are we looking forward to in this New Year? What is that thing I am waiting for and will I able to achieve it, in this year?

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