The Timeless Gift Called “Christmas”

It happened on one such beautiful Christmas Eve when my elder sister and I were preparing for the Christmas celebration with our parents in New York City, in our little apartment along with some colleagues and close friends. Our parents were supposed to reach in the evening through fight as they use to stay at Springfield, Massachusetts, which is hardly a three hours run from New York City. But, due bad weather condition, their fight was delayed and they had messaged us that instead of reaching at the said time, their fight would actually take off from there at that given time. It automatically implied that we both will not able to celebrate the Christmas Eve with our parents, and would be able to meet them later at night when almost the celebration would be over. Yet, we kept our Christmas hopes high and started celebrating it with our close friends and colleagues. To our surprise as soon as the clock was ticking near to 12:00 A.M. We received a called from our parents, exactly 10 minutes before 12:00 A.M. We both were shocked and confused that we started staring at each other. My sister answered the call and she asked if they have already reached New York City. But my father answered that the fight has been more delayed and they are still waiting at the airport for their fight to take off. They taught instead of waiting here it is better that they could speak to their daughters who have prepared so much for their Christmas celebration. One after the other we had a word with our parents. They both seemed very happy and we too felt satisfied after having a long talk with them. It was a feeling as if we were really able to celebrate it with our entire family. It was actually a wish we both sister had asked for that day.  We could feel it happening and fulfilling somehow and in some way. We both felt the warmth and the joy we craved all time after hearing that they wont able to make it up on time, as their fight was delayed. But able to speak to them for almost an hour made our Christmas more beautiful and fulfilling. The most shocking and thrilled part of this entire event was the moment when our parents came home at 2:00 A.M. We both were shocked to receive them at our home, as it couldn’t be possible to reach us, if we were still talking with them till 1:00 A.M. The fight atleast takes 3 hours. If they were already in the plane then the talking would never be possible due to active flight mode. As we narrated the entire incident, our parents were shocked to hear and they said, they have never given us any call. We also checked our phones and to our surprise, there was no call history. It wasn’t a fantasy we created out of celebration and some drinks, because there were number of other people who can later justify the incident of call received and we even did the speaker countdown along with them for 12:00 A.M. All have heard our communications too. So, we both sister treat it as the timeless gift we have received for our Christmas and we would always cherish this. After all Christmas is all about the joy of sharing, care, warmth and affection that can create wonderful miracles. Wishing everyone such timeless Christmas gift for this year’s Christmas.

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