The Wise & Their whys

It isn’t a crime to ask why

If you can feel, then you wouldn’t deny

Most of the times we are trap in our lies

As we all forget to ask why?

The complex things can be simplified.

If we start answering what is required

No human is perfect, as it seems

As every human, armor their mistakes.

You may deny this at first

But may fall for it in an instant

No matter how hard we may try

But there isn’t any resistance

We all need an access

To penetrate in anyone’s solace 

Yet prone to the way of our existence

We hardly notice others uneasiness

Instead of understanding their whys

We start giving them our piece of advice

How difficult is it for us to leave our pride

And just think about it as a jovial ride

Where we don’t judge people based on their highs

But sticking to them even in their sighs.

To create something that is divine

We must not fight and divide

As the best never goes into a waste

When we heal others, we feel the same.

So it isn’t about who, what and their how

It’s always about the wise and their whys,

Who doesn’t deceive and get trap in lies.

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