The best aim a person can ask for is to live a life but in reality, the best one to ask for would be to lead a life. We are often confused and annoyed with a simple thought about what’s our life like. How can we describe the aim with which we are actually living our life? Some people may have very basic aim and others might have set up high goals and might have achieved them in their lives. However there are still people who are still figuring this out, waiting for something or someone to lead and to help them figure out what exactly it is about to have a life. Every person should have a specific objective in life and to be honest average of our population is still baffling with their objective to live a life. Instead, they are all, driven by how life is taking a call and troll on them without them ruling their lives.  If you ask me, I would happy to state that I would proudly prefer to lead a life, not just live it the way it serves me. Believe me sometimes more than following our monotonous life, we all need a break from the vicious cycle to enjoy what’s within the spaces that we haven’t yet tried. What it is exactly to be someone that we haven’t been in years, just for the sake of calling it that we are living our lives and that’s good enough. That’s good enough isn’t good enough if we aren’t making any prominent changes in our lives as well as other’s life. That’s how the theory of inferiority complex comes into a picture. Like if, you want to feel good compare yourself with someone who is inferior or lesser down than you, to make yourself feel at the better position. If you don’t achieve good you get compared with others who have perform relevantly better than you and you feel lessen down with those inferior feelings. Why is this so strange for people to understand that our own competitor is ourselves. We have to change our position to feel better and confident about ourselves, rather than keep comparing ourselves to the others that are way above us or the way below us to feel better.  Because there are ample of fishes in the tank, you cannot keep on competing with others all the time, what if you lose every time or say win every time and lead them, but what’s next then? How long would you be able to hold on to the lead if you don’t change, grow or compete to the older self.  So, the best aim to have in life is to lead a life, that’s yours and nobody can make an impact if you yourself deny it. 

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