Once upon a time, there lived an old Ode in the village and the children of the village used to gathered around him and ask him to share his stories with them. It was a firm believe among villagers that his stories would provide courage to all the children to see beyond and spark the light of perseverance by not giving up on themselves easily.  I too remember his one of the stories that he told me once I was a kid. I even remembered what he told me after finishing that story in particular. He narrated to me a story of a ugly worm named “Bot”. He was disgust by his own fellow members and he would cry everyday cursing him for being in such form. His mother would always console him with her love and affection. She would tell him that he shouldn’t worry about what other thinks about him. She would also share a secret that she had known in her family and how things have changed for the other members with same difficulties. She would ask him to hear with wholehearted attention. She would begin her story saying that nothing goes in vain, and then she would further add that if a worm works harder and completes their cycles properly with full dedication, they can convert themselves into a beautiful butterfly. Hearing to this the Bot got excited and started asking his mother how he can convert himself into one. She said he needs to wait for his turn, and has to have patience and firm believe in himself. Her mother also mentioned that only few have powers to change themselves, it was now time for his mother to depart for the same.  Bot hugged his mother tightly and for the last time asked her the detailed process. He promised his mother, that from now onward his life aim is to get turn himself into a beautiful butterfly and would never give up on it. Many days and years passed by, he would not listen to others comment and would firmly believe in himself and do his hard work. Soon the stage arrive after years of slotting and pulling himself up, where he needs to give up his eating and build a silk cocoon to create a miracle he was waiting patiently for. After a year, the cocoon was broken and he got out, he saw his reflecting in the tiny dewdrop on the leaf. As soon as he saw it, tears rolled down his eyes and he has finally turned himself into a beautiful butterfly. He remembered what his mother use to say to him. She would say that no matter where you are now, in what form you are now, your constant struggles, and hardships never ever goes in vain. There is a supremacy above us, who is working for us, with us and in us for our betterment. Never doubt his intentions for his kids. You would see a miracle happening for you too, to believe in. The old Ode said to me even I should never give up on myself, as there is this supremacy working for me too. Things will change and I shall embrace that with my grace.

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