Losing Game

We all love to play this game; it’s called a losing game. Yet, the worse fear we all share, is called the losing. What’s interesting is that we all love to lose to a person we love yet we fear to lose a person that we love. We are all ready to lose every odd to make it up to the person we love the most but what hurts the most is the absence of the same person. We don’t fear to lose when it is about the special person, but we always fear to lose the same person. Why do we love to play this losing game? When we know that we might hurt ourselves as  we aren’t prepared for the worst? Why aren’t we afraid when we are too much in love and too little to measure the risk our heart might suffer. Why are we ready to offer when we aren’t sure about the offend we might face? Why does our heart differentiate while participating in such games of love, where in, we enjoy losing in the active phase and suffer when we are in the passive phase? Why don’t we not prepare ourselves even for the worst? Why do we face a breakdown when we have a break up or lose someone we dearly love?  Why do we associate ourselves with a feeling where more feels even less?  We act too greedy when it’s a matter of love and there is no denial in the fact that we sometimes really push ourselves even harder to make it up to that one right person that brings us our heaven. Why cant we have the same feeling for ourselves. Why do we need someone desperately to make us feel special and we are so ready to even loosen up that person. Why cant we be our first priority and depend on oneself before we look up to others. Why can’t we treat ourselves special before we search our someone special. What is so special about this game? Why do we all love to play even at the cost of losing over to someone. Isn’t it an irony that to win over someone we need to lose to that someone. Why are we all so obsessed with this feeling called love, where everything is head over heels? Even we go to an extra mile to see that person happy we love so much. Does that mean that our enduring happiness in love is all about the other person, the someone special and nothing about us? Are we really doing the right thing by losing our priority to make that someone special our priority?  If that’s the case then I wish the other person too is playing the same game for us, where both lose to win over each other.

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