Season of Love

With the ending of January and the arrival of February, the season of love starts blossoming. All around the world celebrations starts in the name of love and ends up with playing the game of love. What is it that makes love celebrations so popular in the month of February? Is it the St. Valentine story that’s has given a birth to Valentine’s day or it is the strength and courage that people have advocate through his story and express the love to their loved ones. The early celebrations starts from 7Th of Feb starting from The Rose Day, The Propose day, The Chocolate Day, The Teddy Day, The Promise Day, The Hug Day, The Kiss day and ending at The Valentine’s Day on 14th Feb.

I truly agree that love needs to be cherished and celebrated. But confining it to one particular day, doesn’t appeal to me the most. Of course, you can take that day to encourage yourself and push yourself to pursue what you love. However, showering it all on single day, makes it quite overbearing sometimes. How about celebrating it daily with the person we love, care and want to be with us forever. What if we can express this in 365 ways in 365 days to our loved ones, wouldn’t that make it more cherishing and accepting. Whom are we fooling by saying this, because given the human nature even the more seems less and doing things so rigorously would also diminish the actual worth of love, if given out so easily. As human being gets fed up easily given the monotonous behaviour. Thus, we all need that specialty to make it feel and experience the difference.  We all need an overwhelming surprises and suspense in our life to make it feel kicking, living and believing. Thus, the one-day celebration brings altogether newly felt overwhelming joy and happiness or it can also result into a stressed or depressive mode while receiving heartbreak or a rejection from the loved ones.

The best way to celebrate this season of love would be, getting hold of our feelings, being brave and accepting the fact that the true love that we deserve should first come from us. By reminding ourselves to put ourselves first and love ourselves irrespective of what the current situational appearance make look like. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t forget to love ourselves and then sharing the love with others through care, companionship, affection and warmth. It’s a blessing to celebrate Valentine day with the most special person in your life, but being able to love ourselves truly is a gift. Don’t be stupid and strict to yourself by judging yourself through other people lenses. Take pride in who you are, and what can you offer to the world, your world, or your special one. If still they reject you, then its their loss not yours. Don’t forget to love yourself and cherish the person you are on this Valentine’s Day.  Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

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