The Seed Called Love

In the garden of life, we sow many seeds in the name of emotions and drives. However, the most complicated seed is called, Love. The more you sow the happier you feel. But, when you start expecting it more, the more vulnerable you feel. Nothing beats the feeling of love and lateral to some extent failing in it too. There are different versions of love seeds are available depending upon the nature, the condition and even the situation in given circumstances. What makes this seed more demanding than others, it’s the value that the seeds derive and its resultant output.

It is rightly said that to win over the world, the only thing required is love. Rest is just mere assumptions of not being in love or having one in one’s lives. The war can be brought down, if love can decipher the hateful logic and sense of greed from human history. The modern time isn’t any different in comparison to the older ones, where most of the war were made for the sake of love. Love being the reason to amplify other reasons that sustain our lives.  The best version of this seed is unconditional love, where there isn’t any binding and the giver doesn’t expect anything in return. Whether is a motherly love or a love towards Mother Nation. The simplicity is its complexity; it baffles people to drive concrete and concurrent meaning. The hardship in knowing and experimenting with this seed is a tiring process sometimes and ask for patience and faith. The one who is ready to travel along this journey of this seed germination is the one who conquers the world of love and its human kingdom.

Love has indeed miraculous powers that even helps to triumph the odds and wicked. The braver you become, the more you share, care and spread. It makes the cruel world look less bitter and more brighter with its essence and fragrance. The feeling of love indeed makes person strong and to have someone, who would standstill to face the storm alongside, makes its more worthy to give a short and to try the most precious and demanding seed called Love.  The fear comes along with love and visit us often. Nevertheless, the faith and the strong believe makes it much powerful and conquerable. It is always better to nourish it with optimism and hope rather than giving up to pessimism and darkness. Love helps to enlighten the soul, and dwells and grows within you like your thoughts. To cherish anything you need to feel it and to feel it you need the most important seed called Love. The essence that builds up every sense is called Love. How are we going to make our every moment lovable, more worth it and cherished enough to enjoy the gift of live with the seed called Love?

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