Truth about Happiness.

One day a Firefly named Rome travelled to a distant land to try his luck and find a place where he can finally settle and call it a home. He thought that might be he isn’t at a right place or at a right path of his life and that’s the reason he isn’t able to achieve and make his life better. He keeps on trying constantly to relocate and find better options for making his life better and better day after other. In this process, he feels more lonelier and deserted sometimes, because every time he lives his current place or the location he loses his friends and even the family once he had.

One day after travelling to distant land, he met a Grasshopper and an Ant. He introduced himself and even narrated the entire story to them about his journey and hardships. Listening to this the Grasshopper and the Ant both felt pity on him and thought to help him out. The Grasshopper said that he is shocked, as he have never met anyone so brave, to travel this distant and have faced so many hardships, for better life. To this the Ant wittily added that she and the Grasshoppers have been friends since long time and they have never left their surrounding even once, and not even in the time of crisis. When the Firefly Rome heard this, he himself was shocked and surprised on the fact that how can one stay at the same place and still have a better life?

Then Rome questioned the Ant and inquired if she can share her secret of happiness and better life. The Ant happily agreed and told the Firefly that the secret of better life and happiness lays within self rather than finding it somewhere else. The Ant also added the more you look for it the more further it seems and that’s the reason it is taking you further away from our loved ones and even you. The moment you would start being happy about yourself and your own surrounding, you would never have to travel again. You could make this very place your home and stay with us, instead of travelling alone. It may take time for you to get use to it, like they say Rome was not build in a day. But Rome you need to try to put your efforts at right directions and not in changing directions. We will support you, be there for you, if you accept your friendship, and promise us never to leave us. Listening to this Rome felt the missing link that connected him to the betterment and thing he was looking for while travelling for so long. Rome finally has his happiness and better version of living his life.

What is your version of happy life and what dies the true happiness means to you??

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