Smiles For Miles

Two groups started their hiking journey on the mountains with an aim destination. Both the groups had equal number of people and had limited resources of supplies equally divided among the each groups and their members. Both the groups were asked to name their groups and had set up a list of must do’s for both the groups. One group was named “Falcon” and the other group was named “Blissner.” Both the groups were given their agenda and a chance to select one habit that would define their group and its behaviour.

Falcon group said that, they are the highly uplifted spirited people and winning is their hobby. So striving high is their group purpose, no matter what come may but they will reach the mountain peak first compared to the other group. Hearing to the talks of Falcon group, the Blissner Group smiled and said no matter whether they win the race of reaching the mountain peak or not, but their entire group will make this entire hiking a memorable experience for their entire group. The leader of their group said that they would walk across the miles with their smiles. The groups commenced their journey, at first their spirits were high, and they were moving forward fast. Soon it was observe that the falcon group started to fell out of energy and their supplies were getting over very speedily. On the other hand the Blissner group was laughing, halting, taking pictures, singing and enjoying their journey to the most. They notice that instead of getting tired, there was a real bliss and smiles on every members face. There supplies were still in adequate amount in comparison to the other group.

As soon as the leader of the Blissner group noticed the concern and the uneasiness in the behaviour of the Falcon group leader, he went near him and asked about his concerns. He said that his group members are very much tired and are not in capacity to move forward with the hiking, all their supplies are nearly exhausted and they won’t able to make it up till the peak even if they halt and start a fresh. Looking to the leaders concern and troubles, the Blissner’s group leader went to his group and told them to about the other group problems. As soon as he finished, the members of the group expressed their willingness to help the other group in trouble and help them to make it up until the peak and journey downwards back to their base. Seeing the generosity and enthusiasm of his own group, the leader expresses his pride in being along with them and later they all went to support the other group.

Together they all completed their agenda, reach the peak of the mountain and came back together at their base. Both the group looked happy and contented with the hiking. The Falcon leader narrated their entire story of misshapen and his luck to have great leader of the other group. Listening to it the event manager went to the group leader of the Blissner and asked him a curious question about his winning spirits. The leader answered that their entire group never aimed for reaching the peak first. However, they aimed for togetherness, happiness and creating memories while reaching the different levels of achievements of reaching the peak. So while selecting the habit for their group they ensured that they all would smile until they all walk across the miles of the mountain. Their smiles kept them alive and making things possible while they were still walking through miles.

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