No wonder people call it a great blunder when they don’t surrender to a feeling called LOVE. To march forward in this game of Love, there is a need of YOUME (YOU +ME) to complete the game and make it happen. It isn’t a normal game, as there exists a pain along with gains. But the best ones are that provides true happiness while experiencing it, being in it and to further down believing in it and living it every day and in every walk of our lives.

The thought of YOU

and the smile on my face.

It can’t be explained,

as all the words fail.

No matter what it is,

till the time it’s still there.

The existence of YOU,

into my world that isn’t blue.

Bright colours fill my sphere;

Whenever and wherever  I need, YOU are here.

There isn’t a day spent without you,

as you always complete me through.

Just like the Ink and Blank pages,

Words and Spaces,

Your presence fills my emptiness,

the so called void and substances.

Making me believe in our present,

leading me towards our future existence;

where the world ME,

is the new WE.

Together we are one entity.

Where love last till infinity.

There isn’t any need of mystery

While we create our own history.

Tell me about your Love story and your feelings for the loved ones. How special do they make you feel or you make them feel? What does Love means to you??

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