No more an Anti-Hero

Life isn’t that complex like the way we make it sound. Sometimes it’s just about living it and thriving it through. But, we all sound it like it’s a heavy duty we must all abide it too. How we often wish to get out of this site and be the child that doesn’t needs to hide or think about the life. As for them life is all about happiness and playing along as it grows through days and nights along with the loved ones and the new ones that awaits at different site and time. How I truly wish if we could get a simplest recipe to enjoy our lives.

Wouldn’t be it easier, if we start living it with an open heart rather than with a judging and calculative one. The one that doesn’t needs a reason for everything, but believes that there isn’t a need of a particular reason to be happy and being loved. Our happiness is our biases; we don’t need others to be responsible for us. We live in the world heroism and with hero’s, that we always keep looking for anti- hero’s to justify our hero’s . But who are we fooling saying that we don’t enjoy the blame game. How often do we blame our mistakes on person or situations to get rid of it? Do we believe in being hero?

The more we think sometimes the more we get lost into the constant circles of never ending thoughts and finding infinite reasons to justify them  and that is actually how we make it our lives complex and a web like structure. If only we could make it easier just like adding 2 spoonful of love and 2 spoonful of happiness, it would be very worthy and a better life we all could ask for.

The best is to look for our happiness and reasons to be happy in ourselves. We must love ourselves dearly and fully without being reasonable. As at the end like Taylor says it “It’s Me! Hi!, I am the problem, It’s me!” So if we really wish to be happy and loved, we must appreciate ourselves and we must be responsible for ourselves.  It’s better than finding and holding others responsible for our core behaviour and needs. We are the reasons for our own insecurities and we must be strong enough to face our own odds and deeds. We must cherish our own life and we must strive to live it in the best version as possible. Just like adding 2 spoonful of love, 2 spoonful of happiness and 1 spoonful of bravery for our dear life. Let’s make it happen in the most simplest way and a daily dose way.

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