Courage to love ourselves little better

“If you don’t love yourself, nobody else will.” – Maya Angelou

This is my all time favourite and go to quote of Maya Angelou whenever I need a reminder to accept myself and love myself no matter what circumstances may it be. This has been inspiration for millions of lives and has touched them in a way or the other and I am being no different. This quote has actually provided value and made my life more worthy in my eyes.

We all live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with messages about how we should look, act, and be, it can be difficult to love ourselves as much as we love others. We often compare ourselves to others, feeling inferior or inadequate, and forget to appreciate ourselves for who we are. However, it’s important to remember that self-love and self-appreciation are crucial for our mental and emotional well-being.

Let me tell you a short story about two friends named Mandy and Flora to make you understand its importance.

Once there were two friends, Mandy and Flora. Flora was always confident and self-assured, while Mandy struggled with self-doubt and feelings of inferiority. Mandy would often compare herself to others and felt insecure about her.

One day, Mandy confided in Flora about her feelings of inadequacy. Flora listened patiently and then said, “You know, Mandy, the key to happiness is learning to love yourself.”

Mandy looked at Flora skeptically. “What does that even mean?” she asked.

Flora smiled. “It means recognizing your own worth and value, and treating yourself with kindness and respect. It means focusing on your own goals and accomplishments rather than comparing yourself to others. When you love yourself, you attract positive experiences and relationships into your life. You feel more confident and are able to approach others with kindness and respect.”

Mandy looked at Flora with admiration. “You seem so self-assured and confident,” she said. “How do you do it?”

Flora shrugged. “It’s not always easy, but I practice self-love every day. I take care of myself, focus on my own goals, and speak to myself with kindness and compassion.”

Mandy thought about what Flora had said and realized that she wanted to feel more confident and self-assured too. She decided to start practicing self-love.

Mandy started by paying attention to her own self-talk. She realized that she was often putting herself down or thinking negatively. She made a conscious effort to speak to herself with kindness and encouragement, and soon she began to feel more positive and self-assured.

She also started taking better care of herself. She started exercising regularly, eating healthier foods, and making time for activities that she enjoyed. She realized that she was worth investing time and energy into and that her well-being was a priority.

As Mandy continued to practice self-love, she noticed a change in her relationships with others. She felt more confident and was able to approach others with kindness and respect. She attracted positive people and experiences into her life and felt more fulfilled than ever before.

The moral of the story is that self-love is essential for our overall well-being. When we practice self-love, we attract positive relationships and experiences into our lives. So, let’s all start loving ourselves a little better today, just like Flora and Mandy did and also not to forget what Maya Angelou said, that if we don’t love ourselves nobody else will. Therefore, we must prioritize love for ourselves and always remember that loving ourselves is not selfish. In fact, it’s necessary for us to be able to love others fully.

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