Wings of Encouragement

Once upon a time, there lived a red ladybug named Taira in the field of wild flowers and creepers. She was small and had no company to call friends. Other creatures in the field often mocked at her and discouraged her for not able to fly high unlike her other beings.

One day Taira was sitting at the wild flowers and was deeply wounded to see that nobody cares to think about her feelings when they mocked at her and even hurt her knowingly. She had a hard persistent to try to fly high, but she keeps on falling. She was heartbroken to see herself in such a pity state, yet she doesn’t have anyone to call her friend.   

She started crying harder remembering what the dragonfly said to her once, that due to her small wings and size she would never be able to fly high and wonder at different places where the natures secrets resides. She thought that she is the worse creature on the earth alive. She even couldn’t figure out why was she still living this life, when it was so hard for her to face every daylight.

Seeing her sob heavily, the caterpillar named Jack called her. She couldn’t see anyone accept hear the sound of the insect calling her. Then Jack tried again to call her and she noticed that the caterpillar from the opposite flower was calling her. She inquired astonishingly if he was calling her.  She wouldn’t have ever dreamt that someday, someone would even call her and talk.

She gathered herself and went near jack to talk to him. Jack said that he understands, what she is going through, but he is greatly inspired by her strength to never give up easily. He also added that he has been noticing her trying so persistently for her flying lessons and has never give up until now. He believes that she would surely succeed one day to fly high and explore the different places. He also said the is great to see her fight all alone her battles and that motivated him to pursue his goal no matter what obstacles he faces.

Hearing to these words, Taira felt a boast of confidence within herself and a smile brighten up her face. She was relieved to know that someone has acknowledged her efforts and that someone thinks of her positively instead of mocking at her or cursing her like others. She felt good about herself and asked if they could be friends. To this jack replied happily that he would always love to have a friend who can motivate him to live a better life.

The red ladybug understood the purpose of her life and felt happy for what she has always been. She felt encouraged and motivated to live life rather than giving it up easily. It also sends an important message for us to learn that a little encouragement can help someone to see their real worth and importance.

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