Life is short to be filled merely with regrets!

People say life is too short. Indeed, it is in sense that you live only ones. What good do you make if you fill your life only with regrets and guilt’s? It is more of foolishness and unwise if you fill your life with mere regrets and later you keep craving for things that could have happen or you could have done.

Life is more about living in a moment, just like living one day at a time and making full use of every seconds that we live and breathe. Don’t look back at what happened, as it’s in the past and bygones must be bygones. They shouldn’t darken the sphere of your present and positive life that we ought to have and live by.

I actually wanted to take this moment and write about this after a long hesitation and putting this away for a long time. It hinted me today, after hearing a lot soulful discussions and debates of my close friend and how she keep regretting on certain issues and it is as if she can’t move on and over those topics. It also reminded me of my all time favourite book – “Midnight library by Matt Haig” and its one of my go to book whenever I feel low or even stressed sometimes.

The book itself is a treasure if you have ever read it even once. I feel certain highlights and my personal take away from this book will help me to prove my point further for the today’s topic and stress on the importance of living life fully with numerous possibilities and we do have the power to make our own choices.

As the book suggests that, every choice we make in life can lead us down a different path. No matter what choices we make, we will always have different outcomes. However, whether it will make us happy or sad with regrets is unknown until we decide on choice and see the resultant outcomes. In this matter, even the smallest choices we make counts.

Regret and depression can be irresistible certain times in our lives, but it is never too late to change. Sometimes it is understandable, that feeling regretful about past decisions and hopeless about the future. However, by exploring different possibilities of what if, we get to learn that it is never too late to make changes and find happiness.

The best thing to learn from this book is the important message that it conveys and I personally cherish it. It states that, happiness can come from unexpected places. Throughout our lives, we keep on searching for the perfect life that will make us happy, but we always forget that happiness does not always come from external factors such as career, success, wealth, or romantic relationships. Sometimes, it can be found in the small moments and simple pleasures of life.

We can learn from our mistakes and grow as individuals. Ultimately, the purpose of our life is leading to personal growth and self-acceptance. The people in our lives can have a profound impact on us. Therefore, the relationships are an essential part of our lives, and the connections we make with others can greatly influence our well-being.

Thus, the best way to live our life is living in the moment, without regrets but with numerous possibilities, making it more worthy and fulfilling.

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