Why do we need Erasers in Life?

In a general discussion, someone asked me, “Why do we need erasers in our life?” Even today sometimes I constantly struggle to answer the same that why can’t we strike out mistakes of our life and move on with a fresh start. Why do we pay more concerns towards erasing the mistakes we had made rather than correcting it with a mark. Does that mean that we love delusion rather than having a conclusion? Why do we fear for the mistakes that have been part of our trials or even the hardest of experience that we have ever had. Why do we want it to be erased? Is it the fear of judging or is it the pain that is connected to our mistakes. Why does our mind proactively thinks for things that haven’t been occurred yet. Like buying pencils would complimentary ask for buying erasers too. That means before even writing the things out we have fear that we would required something to correct in case we go wrong.  Why are we so pessimistic when it’s about our mistakes? Why are we so judgmental about ourselves and why do we want us to have limited access to our emotions? On the other hand, we shouldn’t be the one, the victim of our own choices. Our mistakes are part of our life experiences and we shouldn’t be ashamed to accept them. In fact it takes profound courage to accept one’s mistake and learn the lesson from it. To be evolve as the newer self you first need to accept and correct the older self. Let’s not erase the past, but let us accept it bravely and combat it with stronger version of self that has accepted the way it has been in past and now what it can be in the present.  The blank page and the blank life doesn’t have meaning to it until we write and rewrite the destiny that isn’t easy to hide. We must not give up that easily even if we fail to do the right. Erasers are the corrector not the vanish agent. They can help you correct but cannot vanish entirely the imprints of what it previously had. It’s a lame to think we can erase a past, but it’s brave to think we can create a different present. The one that owes its experience to the past yet reflects the newer version that hasn’t been in the past.  

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